18 February 2008

University of Baguio (UB) on fire

I was arriving in Baguio a bit late than usual; it was lunchtime already and the bus was still in Marcos Highway. My wife asked my whereabouts and informed me that the University of Baguio was on fire! At least three of its buildings were affected. A few minutes before 1PM, I was already on my way to the fire to... well... see how things are and take a few photos. You can see and smell the burning area from the Cathedral, but it's mostly smoke that you can see. I walked on, crossing the path between St. Louis School Center and the former Boys High. Lots of people were on the streets, perhaps awaiting the outcome of the fire. They were not the panicking lot, just bystanders and onlookers, majority of whom are students either of UB or of SLU who cannot pass through because the roads have been blocked.

From Assumption Road, the fire doesn't look to be that serious, as you can see from the photos I took on that side of the road. But later on, I met a friend (Mayhem) to told me that the fire was indeed a serious one as I had totally consumed the high school building, one of the older structures in the UB Compound. I had a sort of flashback to my high school year when we once visited the UB High School building where they were celebrating University Day. We entered the building and entered the ghost room, where you had to traverse a dark and narrow passageway with ghouls and ghosts on both sides of the corridor. It was plain, wicked fun. Now, that building is gone.

Mayhem said he will send me photos of the fire, as he had a vantage shot. True enough, the fire from his viewing side showed how devastating it was.

The question is, how will the student be able to finish their studies, with only a few more attendance credits to summer vacation? I hope this can be addressed for the kids' sake. Looking at it from a positive viewpoint, good thing it happened on a weekend where there were no classes; it could have been worse. So far I haven't heard of casualties from the fire.
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