06 November 2008

The Melvin Jones Grandstand at Burnham Park

The Melvin Jones Grandstand is one of the prominent markets in Burnham Park, Baguio City. It has become host to a number of events, most notably the visit of the late Pope John Paul II in the 80s.

When we were kids, there used to be a group that would go to the Grandstand on Christmas Day and give toys to kids.

I also remember vividly the R2D2 Coca-Cola droid when it visited the city.

The Holy Week weekends were lively; noontime TV shows would stage performances here to the delight of the Baguio crowd. They no longer did it these past few years, though.

The Grandstand is also a popular meeting place, especially when mobile phones were not yet prevalent. It still is now, come to think of it.

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