06 December 2010

Snow in Baguio?

The first time I heard of this was three years ago: snow was going to fall in Baguio City's Session Road. This was going to be artificial snow, of course. The image that I immediately conjured in my mind was that of snow falling through the entire length of Session Road. A major snowfall that will actually turn the street white is a major undertaking (plus, it will be a major cleanup as well). So realistically speaking, a light snowfall will really work great. At least half an hour's worth of snowfall will be wonderful.

I learned through FB that this was going to materialize yesterday (Sunday). There was not really a lot of buzz there, so I thought only a few people will turn up. The above photo was a surprise. A lot of people were expecting this to be huge.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of hype to the event that did not live up to the expectations of many people. For one thing, the snowfall as only going to be in the Porta Vaga area. But the masses covered the entire length of main Session Road. What would the rest see?

Secondly, it was only going to be a 5-minute show (source: the Manila Times). What would you expect out of a 5-minute snowfall coming from one rooftop?

Third, apparently there was a problem with the snow machines (source: Inquirer.net), making soap suds instead of smow.

Of course, it will be useless to cry over spilled milk (or snow?) now, but what would have been a more effective marketing campaign is, they should have not broadcasted this first snowfall, which happens on the same night as the SLU Lantern parade anyway and so there will be a lot of people along Session Road.  Also, disperse the snow making machines to other "rooftops" so that the overall effect will be more pleasant and not just coming from one place.  Makes it more realistic.

People would wonder if it was truly snowing in Session Road.  Then let social networks do the work of promoting the event, before announcing what it is all about.  It would have been more of a pleasant surprise than a staged show where expectations can really run high.

Oh, and can it run for more than 5 minutes?  It's too short, in my opinion.

The snow fall will run through most of the days of December... let's see how it comes along.  I think it's a good idea, but the execution needs major tweaking.

Photo credit: Harley Palangchao

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